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Vessel Lineups

Access to current and historical Line up data for the ports of Ukraine, Russia, Romania and Bulgaria.

We show sailed and expected to arrive vessels with easy filters and summary tables.

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S&D Estimates

Supply and demand estimates for major agri crops in the Black Sea region countries provided by Consulting agency "UkrAgroConsult".

Follow the recent changes in estimates, subscribe to notifications and get access to historical estimates.

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Cash Prices

Black Sea and global FOB, CPT, EXW cash prices for cereals, oilseeds, edible oils and other processed products updated daily.

Access to comparative charts with more than 5-year history and downloadable price tables.

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Export Statistics

Track the export trade flows by country. Get access to monthly updates for Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Romania and Bulgaria.

Online charts showing traded volumes and destinations for more than 10 years of historical data.

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Production and stocks

Monthly statistics of food industy production and stocks in the Black Sea region countries.

We show stocks and production of processed products such as wheat flour, fodders, groats, sunflower oil, margarine and more.

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Market reports

Weekly and daily market reports provided by the leading consulting agency in the Black Sea region - UkrAgroConsult.

Well-known among market operators "Black Sea Grain" and "AgriNews, Kyiv" reports together with a new one dedicated to pulse market and one more for those interested in the vegoil market conditions.

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