Ukraine. Sunseed yield 14% higher than last year 2 October, 2018 at 17:10

According to the Ag Ministry of Ukraine, sunseed had been harvested from 4083.4 Th ha by October 1, i.e. from 67% of its projected area of 6056.1 Th ha. The harvest is 4% ahead of 2017. The crop amounted to 8805.6 KMT with an average sunseed yield of 2.16 MT/ha (up 14.3% from 2017). By the same date a year ago, farmers harvested 7422 KMT of sunseed from 3926 Th ha with an average yield of 1.89 MT/ha.

Soybeans had been harvested from 765.4 Th ha by the reporting date (45% of their projected area of 1709.2 Th ha). Their harvest is now 15.2% behind last year, though it was 6.6% behind last year a week ago. Farmers combined 1892.9 KMT of soybeans with an average yield of 2.47 MT/ha (+40.3% from 2017). A year ago, 1586 KMT was harvested from 903 Th ha with an average yield of 1.76 MT/ha.

According to current reports, the planted area of winter rape is already as large as 964.3 Th ha. This is 109% of the projected 888 Th ha and 21% more than a year ago (797 Th ha).