Ukraine. Planting of early spring crops started somewhat later than in 2020 31 March, 2021 at 07:03

The time period of March 18-22 featured variable weather with precipitation and fluctuating air temperatures – this somewhat delayed spring planting. Nevertheless, many growers in the south conducted early spring planting, harrowed winter crops, and applied fertilizers where possible.

According to official information, spring planting progress is far behind last year, UkrAgroConsult reports.

A slight temperature drop on those days caused no damage to crops because the lowest soil temperature at the tillering node depth in winter crops was far above the killing level. Winter crops are in good and fair condition.

Precipitation (15-25 mm) in the form of rain and sleet is expected in the western regions. The central, northern, southern and eastern regions will receive 2-10 mm.

Air temperature will be +15 … +17°C in the daytime, +3 … +5°C at night in the West; +14 … +16°C in the daytime, +2 … +4°C at night in the northern and central regions; +10 … +12°C in the daytime, -1 … +1°C at night in the East; +12 … +14°C in the daytime, +2 … +4°C at night in the South.