Ukraine. Winter cereals entered true winter dormancy 24 January, 2018 at 11:01

A sharp temperature fall occurred in Ukraine between January 10-20. The lowest soil temperature at the tillering node depth was at -3.0-9.50С; the soil freezing depth reached 12-26 cm. According to calculations made by scientists of the Grain Farming Institute, the January 11-13 plant-killing temperature for winter wheat was -11.0-12.00С at the emergence and early tillering stages and -14.0-15.00С at the tillering stage. For winter barley the respective temperatures equaled -8.0-9.00С and -9.5-10.50С.

Increased air temperatures in December and early January resulted in some consumption of nutrients by winter crop plants. Consequently, this decreased their hardiness, reports UkrAgroConsult.

As average daily air temperatures fell below freezing last week, winter cereal plants entered true winter dormancy. According to plant growing tests conducted by scientists of the Crop Farming Institute, the survival rate of winter cereal plants (wheat, rye, triticale) equaled 98-99% on January 18.

Winter wheat plants are at the tillering stage. The crop condition is good.

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