Ukraine. Sharp rise in air temperature accelerated development of winter crops 5 July, 2021 at 12:07

It was very warm on June 21-30, with frequent rains accompanied by thunderstorms, squalls and locally hail.

Such weather conditions caused lodging of early grain crops, while hail occurrences resulted in grain losses and leaf and stalk damages in late-sown crops, UkrAgroConsult reports.

The sharp rise in air temperature accelerated development of crops, in particular winter grains.

Farmers in Odesa, Kherson, Mykolaiv and Zaporizhia regions have begun harvesting winter grains; this work is already complete on 75 Th ha of the projected 8.1 Ml ha.

Precipitation of various intensity and quantity was seen almost all over the country.

Heavy downpours occurred in the western, southern and central regions (3-8 mm), accompanied by squalls and locally hail.