UkrAgroConsult raising its forecast for Ukraine’s harvest of early grains 13 July, 2021 at 13:07

Among major grain crops, only corn experienced an acreage reduction compared to last season, but it was insignificant (just 2%). It is also worth taking into account that last year’s corn acreage was the largest in the entire history of Ukraine.

Crop condition is now good and yield of early grains must be high – that of barley is very likely to hit a record high.

The harvest began later than usual, but the average yield of barley reaches 3.93 MT/ha already now (up almost 13% from the same time in 2020). The wheat harvest has been roughly 1% complete, therefore data on the average yield is not very representative for now. However, high barley yields confirm that the current weather conditions are favorable for this year’s grain crop in Ukraine.

UkrAgroConsult is raising its wheat and barley crop estimates at the expense of increased yields. The only disadvantage of the June weather was excessive precipitation (locally in the form of heavy downpours and thunderstorms) in the south, which caused crop lodging and grain quality deterioration.