Bulgaria: sunflower S&D balance, July 2022 28 July, 2022 at 11:07

The peculiarities of the current season lead to regular S&D adjustments for SFS and SFO. The SFS imports, starting from January, will exceed the indicators of the previous season.

Expectedly, the Ukrainian SFS export to Bulgaria is growing – in May, the SFS export was record high. Ukraine replaced Moldova in the ranking of TOP importers with 24% share in all imports to Bulgaria.

Increase in SFS imports will be at a record level.

Despite the fact that most of the SFS from Ukraine will be re-exported to Turkey, the Bulgarian domestic market is already under significant additional pressure from the supply of Ukrainian origin.

After peak prices in March 2022, current domestic prices in Bulgaria reduced more than twice down.

Sunflower area in 2022 is significantly ahead of 2021. The SFS production forecast is adjusted to a record high due to the increase in sown area.

If SFS yield is higher against current expectations, its highly likely to expect a more significant growth in the SFS production, UkrAgroConsult reports.