Russia exported soybean meal to Japan for the first time 16 January, 2019 at 07:01

November 2018 saw the first cargo of Russian soybean meal shipped to Japan, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Soybean meal produced in Amur region has started coming to Japan. The exporter is LLC Soya ANK, an oil extraction plant processing soybeans since 2014 (production capacity: 50 KMT of meal and 10 KMT of oil). The importer is a major Japanese company comprising some 10 mills that make compound feeds for farm animals.

The importing company received the first trial consignment of 102 MT and examined its quality. The examination proved that the product met high standards and contained no GMO.

The next cargo will amount to 200 MT. In prospect, soybean meal supplies may increase to 1 KMT a month.

In addition, Soya ANK has started negotiations with prospective importers in South Korea and China. Apart from soybean meal, there is also demand for other soybean products, in particular soybean oil, lecithin, fatty acids.