Ukraine. Crops are now rated fair to good 6 May, 2019 at 17:05

The weather in late April and early May featured unstable temperatures and rain of various intensity all over the country.

The highest air temperature on warm days (April 26-27) grew to +23-260С. The lowest air temperature on the coldest nights (May 01) was down at +4-90С, even at +0-20С in some areas in Kirovohrad region. The ground surface cooled to -1-3 0С at night, to +10С on the banks of the Kremenchuk Reservoir. Frost of down to 1-50С below zero occurred on the ground surface and 2 cm above it during 1-5 days.

The average daily air temperature was 10.0-18.10С, or 1-70С above normal, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Rain of various intensity was seen almost all over the country during the last four days. Showers, locally with hail, occurred in the western and northern regions. It was only dry in the south.

Precipitation rates on April 21-30 totaled 1 to 11 mm (7-72% of normal for this time). As the average daily temperature fell during the last three days, this precipitation substantially improved the situation in the fields.

In general, crops are now rated fair to good.

The rainy weather suspended fieldwork to some degree.