Kazakhstan’s barley acreage reached an all-time high 30 July, 2019 at 14:07

Following record exports of barley, Kazakhstan continues expanding its plantings. According to the country’s Ag Ministry, an all-time record 3 Ml ha was planted to barley for the 2019 harvest (+18% from last year).

Therefore, UkrAgroConsult estimates that barley production in Kazakhstan may increase to a record level.

Such a large crop may take the nation’s export potential to new high level, however, noteworthy is that its realization will depend on competitiveness of Kazakh barley in the foreign market. As before, it is supplied mostly to Iran. The main competitor of Kazakhstan there is Russia, whose barley production and exports are also expected to rise. 

The wheat area reported by the Ag Ministry of Kazakhstan is larger than announced before. UkrAgroConsult increased its forecast for the 2019 wheat crop and exports in the country.