Ukraine. Farmers in some regions started planting early spring crops 11 March, 2020 at 10:03

Weather conditions. Exceptionally high air temperatures along with slight precipitation were observed in late February and early March. The average daily air temperature varied from +0.3 to +8.2°C that was 5-10°C above normal.

Moisture supply. Precipitation occurred almost all over the country. On February 21-29, its rates totaled  from 150 to 300% (12-30 mm). The soil was thawed, or frozen to a depth of at most 1-2 cm. The soil temperature at the depth of tillering node of winter crops bottomed out at -1-2°С, or far above the critical killing level.

Crop condition. Plants were still exposed to unfavorable conditions for finishing the winter season because of an abnormally warm winter, when they grew slowly and spent nutrients. Due to the abnormally warm weather, winter grains started growing more than two weeks ahead of the long-term average date. Winter grains are rated good and fair. No plant loss was reported.

Farmers in some regions have started planting early spring crops, UkrAgroConsult reports.