Ukraine. Precipitation improved moisture situation in the winter grains fields 4 May, 2020 at 17:05

Weather conditions. On April 21-30, most of the country was dominated by dry weather without substantial precipitation but with significant air temperature swings between night and day.

Moisture supply. Precipitation of various intensities occurred almost all over the country this past week. On April 21-23, the top 0-20 cm soil layer in most fields planted to winter crops was short of effective moisture (less than 1-20 mm). At the same time, 11-30 mm was available to early spring crops (less than 10 mm in the south). Precipitation events somewhat improved moisture situation in the fields of winter grains, UkrAgroConsult reports.

Crop condition. Night frosts and dry hot winds adversely affected the pace of development of winter and early spring grains. Plants of early spring grains in many areas across the southern, central and eastern regions were partially damaged by return frosts. At the same time, their development in the north was hindered by moisture shortages along with recurring low air temperatures. The return frosts have caused no damage to pea crops irrespective of the variety and plant growth stage. Some delay is observed in development of early spring crops because the soil warms up gradually due to recurring low temperatures.