Review of April 2020 weather in Ukraine 8 May, 2020 at 05:05

In terms of air temperatures, April 2020 almost matched long-term normals. The average monthly air temperature was up just 1°C from its climate normal. The highest temperature value (+25°C) was registered in Odesa region. The lowest one (-5.5°C) occurred in Sumy region.

The period of April 1-10 featured drought all over Ukraine. Precipitation in the form of sleet and rain occurred through April 11-20. The highest precipitation rates were observed on April 25-30.

The total amount of precipitation in April even fell short of its long-term climate normal.

The average daily soil temperature varied from +8 to +9°C in northern Ukraine and was at +9°C in the western and eastern regions. The lowest soil temperature in Ukraine was reported in Odesa, Vinnytsia and Cherkasy regions, where it reached as low as -2°C.

Soil moisture percentage by region:

- Chernivtsi – 16%,

- Zaporizhia – 16%

- Odesa – 16%

- Mykolaiv – 17-19%.

- Kherson – 17-19%.

- Vinnytsia – 17-19%.

- Kirovohrad – 17-19%.

- Cherkasy – 17-19%.

- Sumy – 23%.

The amount of effective soil moisture in April 2019 was higher than in April 2020.