Ukraine. Harvest of early grains drawing to a close 8 August, 2018 at 16:08

GRAINS. The harvest of major early grains in Ukraine is drawing to a close. 8% of wheat and peas as well as 15% of barley still remained unharvested as of August 7, UkrAgroConsult’s analysts report. Last week’s weather slowed the harvesting progress to some degree. Nevertheless, it is generally comparable with last year, while the harvest of wheat advances 5% ahead of 2017. That of barley and rye lags behind last year (down 9% and 7%, respectively).

OILCROPS. According to the Ag Ministry of Ukraine, winter rapeseed had been harvested from 972.9 Th ha by August 6 (99% of its projected harvest area of 972.7 Th ha). The crop amounted to 2507.8 KMT with an average yield of 2.61 MT/ha. The latter is 5.8% lower than last year’s 2.77 MT/ha. As before, the harvest progress is far ahead of 2017. So, rapeseed was harvested from 725 Th ha a year ago, with its crop at 2011 KMT.

Spring rapeseed had been harvested from 19.8 Th ha that represents 30% of its projected area of 65.6 Th ha. Farmers brought in 41.3 KMT with a yield of 2.09 MT/ha. The harvest of spring rapeseed is 32% ahead of last year, while its yield is almost 2% higher than in 2017, reports UkrAgroConsult.