Kazakhstan may become the leading linseed producer in the new season 2 October, 2018 at 13:10

In the new 2018/19 season, the top linseed producers will include Kazakhstan, whose crop is forecast at 0.7 MMT, Russia with 0.6 MMT, and Canada with 0.5 MMT. This was reported by analysts of Oil World (Germany).

As a reminder, the total harvest area of oilseeds in Kazakhstan equals 2.8 Ml ha in 2018 that is 0.4 Ml ha larger than last year. According to the Ag Ministry of Kazakhstan, oilseed production is expected at 2.3 MMT.

Russian oilseed production also follows an upward trend. So, the overall linseed crop is expected to increase to 0.7 MMT by 2024. Some 90% of its volume is shipped abroad. This trend may persist over the coming seven years.

According to expectations, linseed exports from Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine may reach a combined 1.1 MMT.