Russia. Field work & Crop conditions, October 2 3 October, 2018 at 15:10

In September, the European part of Russia, as well as the Southern and North Caucasian federal districts were dominated by dry and abnormally warm weather (+20…25°C in the daytime, up to +28…32°C in the south) that favored harvesting. Mild frost events in the air and on the ground (down to -2…-1°C) only occurred in some areas in the northeast of the European territory.

September’s precipitation rates totaled 25-40 mm in the southern half of the territory and at least 50-80 mm in its northern half. In the north, rain complicated the harvest during 7-12 days of the month, even interrupting this work on some days. In the south, rains lasted for 3-4 days without causing any substantial constraint. In most of the territory, farmers were completing the harvest of grains, rapeseed, sunseed, soybeans and linseed.

In late September, the planting of winter grains for the 2019 harvest was drawing to an end in most of the territory. The agrometeorological conditions were good and fair for emergence, growth and development of winter crops in the overwhelming majority of areas.

Russia. Harvesting progress, October 01, 2018


Russia. Planting progress, October 01, 2018