Turkey harvested a bumper sunseed crop 9 October, 2018 at 16:10

The USDA reports that the sunseed crop in Turkey amounted to 1.63 MMT this season (up 5% on the year). Sunseed imports are forecast to be up 7% year-on-year at 800 KMT in the current season. As a reminder, Moldova, Russia and Bulgaria are still the top suppliers of sunseed to Turkey.

At the same time, sunflower oil exports will fall by 8% against last season, to just 350 KMT.

This season, sunflower meal production will increase 6%, to 1.22 MMT. Sunflower meal imports will remain roughly at last year’s level – 919 KMT.

Sunflower oil production will rise to 940 KMT this season owing to a reduction of sunseed import duties from 27% to 13%. The import duty on sunflower oil was left at 36%.