Attempt to blockade Black Sea ports: they are operating normally 15 February, 2022 at 15:02

According to the Infrastructure Ministry of Ukraine, special vessels of the State Hydrography Agency examined more than 50% of the sea lane between the western limit of the area of Russia’s illegal naval exercises and the southeastern edge of the Dniester Sandbank. The depths are confirmed within 15-22 meters, therefore the current recommendations for ships regarding safe entry into the Odessa Bay ports remain in force.

Ukraine’s Infrastructure Minister Yuriy Vaskov says that everything is being done to prevent any obstacles to navigation and entry into Ukrainian ports. According to him, the Ministry’s main tasks are to ensure safe passage for shipping and prevent destabilization of the situation. Merchant ships have received recommendations in advance and accepted them, which means that the Black Sea ports are operating as usual.

The vast majority of vessels use the sea lane and adhere to the recommended 20-m depth isobath for communication with Ukrainian ports, which are operating in the normal mode.

It is planned to fully complete the sea lane survey on February 14, and then all information will be immediately communicated to vessels in Ukraine’s coastal warnings. Moreover, in accordance with the established procedure, updated navigational charts will be published in messages to Ukrainian seamen, UkrAgroConsult reports.