Ukraine’s sunflower exports could reach 1 M mt 2 June, 2022 at 17:06

UkrAgroConsult is now permanently keeping a close eye on the trends in agricultural exports from Ukraine. The country’s seaports remain blocked. As before, exports are only possible by land and via river ports and are therefore limited.

Traditionally, Ukraine specializes in the export of sunflower oil, as it has large crushing capacities, sufficient harvests, a high portion of the crop processed (98-99%) amid a customs duty imposed on sunflower exports (10%). This trend was observed before the war. Now, even despite the duty, sunflower seed exports exceed those of sunflower oil.

The blockade of ports forced the logistics sector to open new corridors, which yielded results as early as April 2022, i.e. in the first month of growth in sunflower exports.

Sunflower exports in April 2022 exceeded 110 K mt – the highest this season and a record high for April.

Sunflower exports in September-April reached one of the highest in ten seasons.

Record high exports for the whole season can reach 1 M mt and will only partially be able to reduce ending sunseed stocks in MY 2022/23. In view of good crop prospects for 2022, sunflower oil exports from Ukraine in the next season 2022/23 could be at the level of previously seasons.