Ukraine: S&D Balance of the Oilseed Sector (June 2022) 8 June, 2022 at 08:06

S&D balance in MY 2021/22:  growth in vegetable oil, meal and oilseed shipments due to optimized logistics (May vs. April 2022). The estimate of export potential of the oilseed markets has been raised, with the greatest increase expected in SFS due to strong demand from EU countries.

The ending stocks of sunflower seed and soybeans were adjusted downwards for a second consecutive month but remain enormously high.

The continuous strikes by russia on the infrastructure used for shipping agricultural products may adversely impact export performance in the long run and cause adjustments to the supply and demand balance.

S&D balance in MY 2022/23: the forecast sunflower area was increased.

Favorable weather suggests that yields will be higher.

UkrAgroConsult’s forecasts continue to be based on an optimistic scenario assuming that the seaports will be unblocked and operation of major crushers will be resumed. This would allow Ukraine to restore its presence in world agricultural markets.