Scheme of "legalizing" russia-stolen grain now revealed 9 June, 2022 at 15:06

russia has devised a scheme for selling stolen Ukrainian grain to Turkey. The commodity is first transported to russian ports and then shipped for sale with forged documents.

This was said by Vasyl Bodnar, Ukraine’s Ambassador to Turkey, in an interview to the portal Ukrinform.

According to him, the aggressor steals Ukrainian grain, brings it by trucks to Sevastopol, then transports the product by sea to russian ports, from which the commodity is already shipped with forged documents, as if it were russian grain.

The Ambassador of Ukraine to Turkey adds that the Ukrainian side records and documents each theft of grain. Thus, Kyiv has already sent Ankara a list of vessels used by russia and third parties to illegally export stolen products, including shipments to Turkish ports. Ankara has promised to take this into account and look into the situation.