Ukraine. Winter grains resumed growth 10-14 days ahead of the long-term average 19 March, 2019 at 17:03

On March 1-10, it was abnormally warm in Ukraine for this time. The average ten-day air temperature hit one of its highs in recent years. In some regions, air temperatures even reached or exceeded their all-time record values for both March 1-10 and single days. Variable weather with sharp temperature swings was observed on March 11-13.

The average daily air temperature ranged from 1.00С to 11.20С, i.e. it was 1-100С above normal.

Precipitation of various intensities occurred almost all over the country. Kherson region received almost no productive precipitation this past week, except for local light rain (up to 2 mm) on March 9-10 as well as snow and rain (0.4-6.0 mm) in coastal and southern districts on March 13. The above added to soil moisture content there.

As of March 9-10, productive moisture content in winter grain plantings differed from region to region. Overall, it was adequate and optimum.