Ukraine’s rapeseed market: the new season set to witness new records 18 March, 2019 at 17:03

This 2018/19 season in the Ukrainian rapeseed market is entering its final stage. Traditionally, the most productive months were in the first half of the marketing year. The interim results make it necessary to revise the estimates for the entire season.

According to official preliminary data, the 2018 rapeseed crop amounted to 2.75 MMT. UkrAgroConsult’s estimate is slightly high. As expected, the season shows a rise in both crushing and exports of rapeseed. The difference is that the initial forecasts were more conservative.

Taking into account the 2018/19 trends, UkrAgroConsult estimates the country’s rapeseed export potential +17% and domestic crushing +74% from last year.

Consequently, export shipments of rapeseed products will also advance to a higher level.

This 2018/19 season meets analyst expectations and leaves no room for intrigues. At the same time, increasingly topical are estimates for the next marketing year 2019/20, where, apart from domestic factors, special attention should be paid now to the situation in the world rapeseed market.