Ukraine. Mayonnaise production turned down in February 19 April, 2019 at 15:04

Ukraine’s large and medium-sized plants produced 8.2 KMT of mayonnaise in February 2019, or 5.7% less than in the same period last year (8.7 KMT). In addition, February’s output was the smallest since 2004, reports UkrAgroConsult.

16.8 KMT of mayonnaise was produced in the first two months of this year that is down 2.3% from last year’s 17.2 KMT. However, due to higher output in January, this year’s production exceeds that seen in 2017, when in the reporting period it hit a low of 160 KMT.

UkrAgroConsult estimates mayonnaise production in 2019 at 123-125 KMT, i.e. roughly the same as in last three years.