Ukraine. Lack of precipitation intensified soil drought spread 25 September, 2019 at 15:09

Weather conditions. It was warm and dry on September 11-20; only the last days witnessed some change in air temperatures. The latter swung: they were either above or below normal values, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Moisture supply in the topsoil was as follows: Kherson region – 3-5 mm; Kyiv region – 1-7 mm (with the upper layer being absolutely dry); Zhytomyr region – productive moisture supply was critical and insufficient for planting and optimum emergence of winter crops; Lviv region – 8-10 mm; Kharkiv region – both planting and plowing soil layers are absolutely dry. Due to the lack of productive precipitation, air drought intensified and soil drought spread.

Crop condition. If the topsoil contains 5-8 mm of productive moisture at the planting time, winter grains fail to emerge; if its content equals 10 mm, they emerge just partially and their seedlings are sparse; 11-20 mm provide for fair conditions for crop emergence; moisture content above 20 mm leads to even seedlings.