China for the first time became the biggest importer of Ukrainian rape oil 10 October, 2019 at 16:10

The first three months of MY 2019/20 witnessed record rape oil exports at roughly 128 KMT (+28.4% from MY 2018/19). Rape oil exports in September 2019/20 hit a record high of 64.5 KMT (as much was only shipped abroad in September MY 2015/16).

Due to a rise in rapeseed processing in MY 2019/20, exportable supplies are estimated at +35% from MY 2018/19, reports UkrAgroConsult.

China and the EU share the Ukrainian rape oil market in a ratio of 67:33.

In August-September, China increased purchases significantly and topped the ranking of importers for the first time ever. The Netherlands – the most important buyer for Ukraine – made no purchase of rape oil in MY 2019/20; the number of importing countries fell to seven, i.e. halved from MY 2018/19.

Growth in exports was registered to Germany (+7%) and Poland (+3.8%).