Belarus. Soil moisture supply fell to a critical level 12 July, 2018 at 16:07

Due to a persisting precipitation deficit, soil moisture supply continued shrinking in most of Belarus on June 11-20. Soil drought was still observed in much of the country, primarily in the fields of spiked cereals, flax, rape, and grasses.

The content of productive soil moisture is low almost all over the regions of Grodno, Brest, and Gomel, as well as in the west of Minsk region and occasionally in Vitebsk region. In many fields in Brest and Grodno regions, the top and 50-cm soil layers under the above crops are almost fully dry. Soil moisture supply in corn crops is already inadequate.

Crops are well supplied with soil moisture in most of Mogilev region, in parts of Minsk, Vitebsk regions and locally in Gomel region, which received higher precipitation rates in June 11-20.

Rainfalls of June 22, as well as those expected in the subsequent days must improve moisture supply for crops. However, due to uneven distribution of precipitation and severe soil drying, part of the areas may remain short of soil moisture.