Black Sea region. Fall planting summary and distribution of grain planted areas in 2019/20 season 26 November, 2018 at 18:11

The fall planting in the Black Sea region is drawing to a close. The optimum time frame for winter grains ended long ago. Moreover, weather conditions prompted farmers to wrap up planting activities.

Below-zero air temperature is observed almost all over Ukraine and Russia, except for southernmost areas. Snow covered most parts of these countries, including some areas in the Southern federal district of Russia.

In Ukraine, 94% of seeded winter grains have already emerged. The planting of winter wheat in Ukraine is 98% complete (6084 Th ha), reports UkrAgroConsult. Aa for winter barley, Ukrainian farmers have already planted 1.4% more winter barley than projected (884 Th ha, or +1.3% on the year).

In Russia, farmers have sown 17.6 Ml ha of winter crops, i.e. 2.4% more than projected and already 2.7% more than last year. In the opinion UkrAgroConsult, Russian growers will continue expanding plantings of winter wheat at the expense of spring one.

UkrAgroConsult expects further restoration of barley and corn plantings in Russia.

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