UkrOliyaProm summed up the results of vegoil and fat production in 2017 22 February, 2018 at 12:02

According to UkrOliyaProm Association, Ukraine took the top position among sunoil and sunmeal producers and exporters in 2017. Ukrainian sunoil is exported to 124 countries of the world. The top foreign consumers of the product include India, China, the EU, the Near East, Africa, Asia and the CIS.

As a reminder, the Association estimates that Ukraine's oilseed crushing capacities had already totaled 21.5 MMT by the end of 2017, reports UkrAgroConsult.

The expert estimate for unrefined sunoil production (including oil mills) in 2017 is 6 MMT. The expert estimate for unrefined sunoil production is confirmed by sunoil exports at 5.8 MMT (data of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine) and annual sunoil supplies to the domestic market at 400-450 KMT, including industrial processing.

In addition, according to the Association, production of the following products rose in 2017: 

- unrefined sunoil (excluding oil-mills) by 18.1%;

- unrefined sunoil (excluding oil-mills) by 22%;

- refined sunoil by 31.6%;

- soybean oil by 1.7%; rape oil by 3.1%;

- margarines by 20.8%; mayonnaise and sauces by 2%.